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International Children’s Day & End of Year Awards

Yesterday at our Children’s center, we celebrated International Children’s Day and End of Year Awards for our kids who have achieved academic success throughout the school year. The awards ceremony included an Academic “Competition” and plenty of dancing and singing.

In the Vietnamese school system, kids receive overall marks at the end of each semester that indicates “Good” or “Excellent” for each student. The children take much pride in receiving those marks, as education is one of the highest values in Vietnamese culture. Here at Friends of Hue, we invest in our children’s education because we believe that it is one of the fundamental rights for all children to acquire an excellent, holistic education. Schooling in Vietnam is especially rigorous for students who must pass the entrance exams into High School and University during the summer.

We want to take a moment to celebrate our children’s academic success in school. As part of our positive youth development model, we believe in celebrating small victories for our children while encouraging them to strive for excellence. This year, we had 7 of our children receive “Excellent” student marks, and none of whom received below average marks. We will have 3 of our 9th graders take the entrance exams into High School. After their one week summer break, they will dive back into their studies for exams later this June.

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