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Non-profit foundation

We promote positive aspects of humanity.

Our Mission

Friends of Hue Foundation’s mission is to promote positive aspects of humanity by providing assistance to the people and empowering them in their efforts to improve their lives, communities, and cultures.

The Talmud

And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

Jenny Do

Executive Director

Help us say ‘yes’ to children who come to us for food, for shelter, for education, for protection, and for a future.

Who we are

Friend of Hue Foundation (FHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation with tax exempt ID: 77-0543081. The foundation supports a children’s shelter in Vietnam to give children who are abused or abandoned a place to live. We also provide disaster relief programs to help rebuild communities in Vietnam when natural disasters strike. Based in San Jose, FHF promotes youth empowerment and community involvement by recruiting volunteers, particularly of the younger generation, to participate in the producing community events focusing on art and culture.

FHF, with the help of volunteers, has been the organizer and producer of the biennial Ao Dai Festival, a newly established tradition for the city of San Jose. FHF has also produced other well-received events such as Comic Care, Poetry Night, and arts exhibitions to recruit talents, promote cultural diversity, and at the same time foster community growth and unity. Please join us! If you would like to make a PayPal donation, please send to account jennydo@friendsofhue.org. Let us know if you need a tax-deductible donation letter. Thank you so much.

San Jose, California




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