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Jenny Do is a litigation attorney by day, engaged artist and philanthropist by night. Jenny Do was recognized as the Trailblazer recipient in 2015 for the Woman of the Year Award and 2007 Woman of the Year, the prestigious awards bestowed by the California Legislature of District 15th and 23rd, respectively. The state legislature identified her as one of those rare individuals who made a difference not only in her local community but much further beyond. Locally, Jenny founded the Ao Dai Festival ( and the Green Rice Gallery, which provides biannual culture celebration and a venue for Vietnamese-American artists. She was the curator for many well-received exhibitions around the San Francisco and Greater Bay Area. These exhibitions are designed to promote Vietnamese American arts and culture, as well as to raise awareness on social issues that impede the advancement of the Vietnamese American community and other groups. Jenny has also sat on the City of San Jose’s Arts Commission. Jenny earned her Bachelor’s of Arts degree from San Jose State University and her law degree from Lincoln Law School. She is an adjunct instructor at San Jose City College and a regular contributor to the Viet Tribune newspaper. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the City of San Jose in 2007 and the unsolicited Belle Foundation grant in 2005. Jenny’s works and life story have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show, Time-Warner Production and many other programs on national and local media.
Anna Nguyen has been a Technical Program Manager for a few different high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. Volunteering for Vietnamese Helping Links and Vietnamese Student Association in Seattle, WA, she found her passion and joy in working with refugee and youth community. Along with a strong team in the Bay Area, Anna organized the 2018 Ao Dai Festival. She currently serves as Co-Executive Director of FHF and wishes to bring structure and focus to the organization, and continue the positive outcomes which the Children's Shelter has provided.
Dan Do has been an active member in community engagement for years, in both his professional and personal career. In the 1980s, Dan Do was the Founder and Executive Director of Young Vietnamese in America, a leadership after-school program for Vietnamese-American youths. Mr. Do launched his legal career handling criminal, personal injury, and family law matters. Since then, he’s become an active member of the State Bar of California. At this time, Mr. Do and his partner have formed the Efficio Law Group in San Jose, CA. Mr. Do’s professional accomplishments aside, he’s also an esteemed orator, working as a Master of ceremony for many events. Fluent in English, French, and Vietnamese, he pursues poetry writing in his spare time. He intends to publish his works in the near future.
Linh Vu spent his entire 25 years career in the biotech industry working for Fortune 500 companies in diverse capacities as a scientist and business & financial executive. He was an adjunct faculty member for Ohlone College for 7 years, teaching courses related to FDA regulation of drug manufacturing. He is a founding-board member of Vietnam Ecology Foundation, an established nonprofit organization focuses on environmental improvement and conservation in Vietnam.
Tom is a software engineer at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). His interests include software and applications for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and autonomous surface vehicles, including navigation and tracking, adaptive sampling, and development of small low-power cytometers and microscopes for use by microbial oceanographers. He is also interested in standard protocols for marine sensor interfaces and networks, and helped to standardize the OGC PUCK interface originally developed at MBARI. Tom has been working with science colleagues to use Android devices for “crowd-sourcing” and data acquisition applications.

Tom’s educational background is in geology and geochemistry. For most of his professional career he has been a software engineer, usually working on scientific applications. Prior to joining MBARI, Tom helped develop a spacecraft instrument known as the Thermal Emission Spectrometer (“TES”), which is designed to measure properties of the Martian surface and atmosphere from orbit around Mars. TES was successfully launched on November 7, 1996 as part of the Mars Global Surveyor mission payload, and arrived in Mars orbit on September 11, 1997. Tom also helped design the mission planning system for a joint US/Japan instrument known as “ASTER”, on the TERRA Earth-orbiting spacecraft.


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