Community Support

Disaster Relief

Thừa Thiên-Huế Province is a region in Vietnam that is often heavily affected by the annual monsoon weather which spreads from July to December causing flood and damages. In some rainy seasons, intense monsoon rain and wind caused major devastation and took countless lives. For the past 17 years when needed, FHF provide short-term and long-term assistance to victims, especially the children caught in a time of turmoil and unrest. Medical relief in free health services, medicines, and first-aid supplies are often provided to victims.

Long-term Assistance

Long-term assistance is often about reconstruction of schools and homes. In 2009, we rebuilt homes for Mrs. Them and Mrs. Ne. Very important in these efforts were the 2009 collaboration with The Center for the Encouragement of Self Reliance (CESR), FHF, and the people of the LoiNong Hamlet, ThuyChau Village, HuongThuy districts. LoiNong is flooded every year and its only school, which was on the highest ground level, was flooded up to half the building annually. It was very old, dilapidated and unsafe. The joint effort resulted in a flood refuge center for their children and the elderly and will also be used as their new school. In 2009 alone, FHF spent over $25,000 in disaster relief services.

Community Hall

As a joint project with the Center for the Encouragement of Self-Reliance, we built this community Hall for flood victims and for elementary chidren in Loi Nong.


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