Global Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program

At FHF, volunteers from both the local community and abroad are seen as a vital resource and strategy for fulfilling the organization’s mission.

At FHF, we are extremely committed to crafting volunteer experience for each individual to construct a meaningful volunteer experience for both FHF and our volunteers. We believe that volunteer projects should be fitted according to an individual’s unique skill set, interests, and strengths.

A volunteer experience crafted for you.

Skills-based, personalized volunteer experiences crafted for mutual benefit. Much of our work relies on generosity in time and spirit from people like you. We’re open to creating and crafting with you a unique volunteering experience utilizing your skills and abilities.

How you help is up to you. Check out this video made from one of our frequent volunteers.


Development Volunteer
Children’s Shelter Education Volunteer
Lighthouse Leadership Experience Volunteer

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for joining the family!

We believe that the most successful form of volunteer is an exchange – when the giver and the recipient both contribute resources and come away with something positive. Ideally, the lines between volunteer and recipient blur so that it is hard to tell who is who. Priority goes to capacity building of our local staff and community, but our volunteers certainly benefit from personal and professional development that could be useful for their future careers or study.
Hy Huynh
Volunteer Director


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