Friends of Hue


Friends of Hue Foundation (FHF)’s mission is to promote the positive aspects of humanity by providing assistance to the people and empowering them in their efforts to improve their lives, societies, and cultures.


To provide Vietnamese American youths living in Silicon Valley with the sense of root and purpose, FHF has organized numerous culture events, leadership forums, and workshops. Ao Dai Festivals, Comic Care, Poetry Night are to name a few. In addition, we have fostered youth organizations from local high schools to volunteer abroad at the FHF’s Children Shelter located in Hue.

Hue is Vietnam’s de facto “third capital” due to its historical linkages and geographical location. However, due to its rugged terrain and inhospitable climate, Hue has not been seen as an ideal place for large-scale manufacturing and aggressive economic development. This has resulted in less economic opportunities for its inhabitants, many of whom live in poverty. Hanoi to the north and Saigon to the south are both political and economic capitals, respectively, and have also received the bulk of attention from NGOs/INGOs. Hue falls short in this respect also. Currently, FHF is the only officially registered, US-based INGO with a physical presence to provide services in the ThuaThien Hue Province.

FHF was officially founded in May 2000 for the purpose of assisting victims of the November 1999 flood in central Vietnam, especially at ThuaThien Hue Province. This natural disaster was the worst to hit this region in the 20th century. After surveying the damage in this area, the United Nations Development Programs and local authorities confirmed that the victims of the flood would need assistance for at least 10 years before they can return to a normal existence.

In September 2000, a group of FHF’s representatives, at their own expense, visited ThuaThien Hue to start a long-term assistance program. The group included Professor James Freeman, Ms. Dang Thi Lieu, volunteer Nguyen TrungTomiko M.D. and Mr. Nguyen DinhHuu. Vietnamese officials authorized FHF to set up an office in Hue City to pursue the foundation’s charitable activities. In its past decade of operation in Vietnam, Friends of Hue Foundation has helped numerous impoverished people in Hue to have better access to health care, education, and economic self-sufficiency. Today, it continues to help reduce poverty, increase health care access, enhance business and skills development, and implement sustainable solutions to mend communities in Hue and throughout Vietnam.

Initial Projects

  • Free health care check-up and medicines to 2,100 patients in Phu An Commune, ThuyThanh commune and PhuBinh Quarter of Hue city;
  • Emergency cash donations to 159 households in Phu An commune, which had been seriously affected by the great 1999 flood;
  • Small interest-free loans to 25 poor households in PhuHau quarter
    Began the process of building a shelter for orphans and disadvantaged children in Hue City
  • Provided scholarships to students in poverty who could not afford further educational pursuits