Friends of Hue

Virtual Assistant Circle

Virtual Assistance Circle

The Virtual Assistant Circle (VAC) is a subsidiary branch of the Friends of Hue Foundation (FHF). Since 2011, FHF has engaged on the path to self-sustainability by collaborating with foreign companies and providing them with high-quality professional services. Our partners benefit from cost savings and increased efficiencies and in return, commit to a tax-deductible matching donation. The program is based in Hue, Vietnam and is a positive shift from the traditional charity model towards social entrepreneurship.

For our Partners

  • Our dedicated staff provides high-quality,professional services aligning to your uniqueprocesses and procedures
  • The center’s location is an opposite time zone which allows you to provide clients with 24/5 service
  • The donation goes directly to the beneficiaries and maximizes the impact of charity amount
  • We are available to assist you on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or project specific basis. You decide on how we work for you. Using the latest technologies we can ease the burden of your daily responsibilities so you can concentrate on your business. We are a trusted source that you can turn to for help.

For our Shelter:

  • The donation contributes to monthly operating budget to provide food, education, activities
  • Job opportunities made available to formermembers of the shelter
  • This structure contributes to a healthy extended family lifestyle by keeping siblings on premises and transforming them from receivers to givers

Our Services Include:

  • Representative Office in Vietnam
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry
  • Invoicing
  • Production Coordination
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • QuickBooks
  • Translation en-US > vi-VI
  • Website management
Our partnership with VAC and FHF has enabled our company to realize significant savings,improve our customer service, and all while fulfilling our social responsibility goals.
Michel Lopez
Founder & CEO, e2f Translations

Case Study

Like most Silicon Valley startups, e2f started small in 2003 with 3 employees working in Michel Lopez’s living room on French translations and French Canadian translations.

Now, e2f has 5 global offices, and provides translations done by humans of over 30 million new words a year. Our 24/5 approach spanning 3 continents enables us to manage projects of any size and inany domain (including apps, games, websites, legal, technical and marketing) with short deadlines,while following a strict process and applying QA methodologies. Our clients are multilingual translationagencies, app developers and companies in many industries (IT, technical, marketing, hospitality, lifesciences, etc.). We offer full-service localization including translation, testing, voice over, and desktop publishing.

By working with our Virtual Assistant Circle they have seen a 10% reduction in taxable income and a 25% reduction in salary costs.