Children's Shelter

The Children’s Shelter takes in youth who otherwise would not have a home that could care for them. We provide food, clothing, shelter, education and love. In addition we provide:

  1. Nurturing home environment with a dedicated staff.
  2. Extracurricular activities and classes such as traditional Vietnamese music, piano, dance, and art classes to encourage creativity, including a monthly Book Club!
  3. Volunteers who serve as mentors in emotional, psychological support all year long.
  4. Career guidance and counseling.
  5. English-language exposure all year round, particular in the summer in conjunction with the Global Volunteer Program.

The children acquire the values, discipline, and skills necessary to becoming contributing members of society. To date, 20 children have left their shelter with promising career paths and a formal education. Your donations provide more than just physical maintenance. It is an investment in their present and futures; it is giving them opportunity. It is an investment to their nutrition, their education, and the staff who educate them. It is an investment in their potential, their ambitions, and their contributions to the community. These children are encouraged to “Dream Big” – that all things are possible.

We believe in:


All of the kids and the staff teach and learn from one another. The older siblings are mentors to the younger ones.


We believe that play is incredibly powerful because it helps teach kids social, problem-solving, and life skills.


We provide our kids opportunities to give back to their community to teach them gratitude and critical service learning.

Children's Organic Garden

Our organic garden project at the Children’s Shelter helps us to become self sustaining. The children enjoy growing plants such as chili, pumpkin, lemon grass, lime, banana and mulberries. The best part is it is also good for the environment.


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