San José houses the greatest number of Vietnamese residents in any one city outside of Viet Nam—estimated at more than 180,000 today. We are dedicated to the betterment of our San José and Bay area communities and have initiated projects that support our mission to promoting the well-being of our neighbors, providing assistance to the people, and empowering them in their efforts to improve their lives, societies, and cultures.

We find great joy in serving our community. 

As of 2021, Friends of Hue Foundation is regarded as one of the most active nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area who has provided emergency relief for the community during the COVID-19 crisis. We worked with homeless agencies and local restaurants to provide thousands of survival kits and 30,000 meals to our homeless population. In response to the outcry of our healthcare workers in need, we gathered and donated over 40,000 essential personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizers to hospitals, health clinics and nursing homes. Friends of Hue organized relief programs to deliver food to our senior and low-income residents who lack accessibility. In addition, wehelped distribute over $60K in financial aid to San José residents who experienced economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and continue to provide assistance for housing, unemployment, and small business loan applications.

In 2019, Friends of Hue organized 6 support workshops for cancer patients and their families, while also participating in anti-gambling outreach programs to help raise awareness about the dangers and negative social impacts of gambling. To better prepare the community, we established the first Vietnamese-American Community Emergency Response Team to help community during times of natural disasters and emergency crises.

In 2018, Friends of Hue organized its 5th biannual Áo Dài Festival.

During the 2017 Coyote Creek flood in San José, Friends of Hue was instrumental in providing effective relief, assistance, and recovery services to flood victims.