Nurturing mind, body, and soul toward healing

As a nonprofit organization, Friends of Hue has always been committed to helping the marginalized communities improve their lives and providing support in ways we could make a difference in their lives.

Through its Executive Director, Jenny Do’s personal battle with breast cancer, Well With Cancer came to life. In her journey, in the midst of grief and misery, Jenny learned the pathways to manage Cancer and sustain life in healthy and happy ways. Since then, she has reached out and worked with many Cancer patients locally and internationally and continues to share the miracle of living Well With Cancer.

Friends of Hue’s Well With Cancer program provides (aka Đường Khuynh Diệp) a space to share healthy living experiences and ways to cope with Cancer effectively. Well With Cancer serves as a nucleus for support for those who seek them. It serves as a clearinghouse of resources and ways to navigate this rough course.

In Well With Cancer, we are passionate about offering helpful community resources to support, uplift, and motivate cancer patients in San José and the Greater Bay Area as well as international patients who might find comfort and solutions through our initiative.

We share effective methods that can aid those who are frightened, overwhelmed and in despair regain physical and emotional strength while coping with Cancer. Empowering them to live healthily and thrive.

For more information, please email us at [email protected].