Cuong Phan | In-Country Representative

Along with his extensive experience in program management and community organizing, Cuong operates with a deep sense of responsibility and love for the children. His knowledge and dedication are essential to the sustainment and growth of the Children’s Shelter. He takes great pride and joy in helping care for the children and educate them alongside his fellow the Children’s Shelter staff members.

Thanh Thai | Children’s Shelter Director

Since graduating from Hue University with an English degree, Thanh joined the Children’s Shelter in 2013. She puts her passion into practice in creating peace and unity among the members of the Children’s Shelter family. Her priority is developing community relationships and coordinating efforts with local individuals and organizations to bring resources to the children.

Na Nguyen | Children’s Shelter Associate

Na is a graduate of the Children’s Shelter. After graduating from university, she worked in Hanoi for four years before deciding to return to Hue to work with Children’s Shelter family.

Hanh Vo
| Director for Virtual Assistance Circle

Hanh graduated as an English major at the Hue University College of Foreign Languages. She was granted the opportunity to intern in California with e2f Translation. She spent two months in San Jose, studying and perfecting her English. She worked part-time at the Shelter as a Peer Educator, responsible for the evaluating and mentoring the children. She has always been an active member of the community and passionate about bringing in the knowledge, skills to the youth in Hue.

Binh Nguyen | Children’s Shelter Accountant

Binh has been with Children’s Shelter for over 15 years as the Shelter Accountant. He has lent a in hand in helping in many FHF Development Projects, including MCP, HIPE, and Thrive, also acheiving a 2nd certification in accounting while serving for the Children’s Shelter. Binh has been a vital force in caring for the shelter. With a sense of responsibility and love for the children and the teachers, he tirelessly supports the teachers in their work as they facilitate programming for the children.

Hoang Thi Be | Children’s Shelter Housemother

Upon her retirement as a Literature teacher from secondary school, Be joined the Children’s Shelter in June 2009. With her loving support yet disciplinary approach, Be has been very successful in forming a close-knit relationships with the children.

Luu Thi Minh Nhung | Children’s Shelter Housemother + Math Teacher

Ms. Nhung has been a housemother at the Children’s Shelter since it opened its doors in 2003. Ms. Nhung has been committed to raising and teaching the Children’s Shelter children for many years, and continues to be actively engaged in all the children’s activities, from cooking to planning birthday parties to traditional Hue singing. With her professional knowledge as a Math teacher, and a love for teaching, she has bestowed upon the children a passion for learning. Having a great deal of experience in the care and education of children, Ms Nhung is deeply respected by the students and her fellow staff members.

Le Thi Bich Diep | Children’s Shelter Housemother + Literature Teacher

Since graduating with a degree in literature, Ms. Diep joined the Children’s Shelter family to help take care of the children at the shelter. While serving as a Housemother, she also shares her passion for literature by fostering and engaging the children with studies in literature.

Trang Le| Children’s Shelter English Teacher

A graduated of English Pedagogical University, Ms. Trang is currently responsible for teaching English to children in the shelter, while also building partnerships with community organizations to develop enriching after-school activities for the children.

Phan Van Phu | Children’s Shelter Security

Since the very first days of the Children’s Shelter’s establishment, Mr. Phu has been in charge of assuring the safety of the children and the property of the shelter. He has dedicated the last 20 years to being the “uncle” to nearly 90 children who have been raised here in the Children’s Shelter. He also has a passion for cooking, which he does frequently for the children.

Ha Le| Children’s Shelter Chef

Ms. Ha spends her days preparing meals for the children. Her enthusiasm and orderliness ensure that the children are well-fed with a balanced and nutritious diet. She takes pride in her work and prepares an array of dishes to provide variety to their meals and to suit the taste of the children.

Xuan Nguyen| In memory of Xuan Nguyen, our former In-Country Representative (2005 – 2019)

Mr. Xuan had contributed 14 years as the Vietnam Shelter Director. He has always been an active member of the community and passionate about bringing in the community’s most dire problems to FHF’s attention. Prior to joining The Children’s Shelter, Mr. Xuan worked at the Center of Education and Vocational Training for Blind Children in ThuaThien Hue. In his spare time, he volunteers with Trả Lại Tuổi Thơ Đà Năng and Free Wheel Chairs Mission to assist people with disabilities. Xuan was instrumental in growing the Children’s Shelter to what it is today and will be sorely missed by the Children’s Shelter staff and children who had the privilege of knowing him.