Santa Clara County Bay Area

Friends of Hue Foundation provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and disaster preparedness education in the Bay Area.   We have a trained emergency response team to help with natural disaster.  During the 2017 Coyote Creek Flood, our volunteers provided food and emergency shelter assistance to flood victims, and helped with filing claims for the victims.  

Senior Food Delivery and Hot Meal Distribution – April through June 2020

Who we are - Our mission

Friends of Hue Foundation is a community-based organization that provides educational and social outreach programs to underserved and marginalized ethnic communities. Our aim is to build a better community through bridging cultural gaps while strengthening the community resiliency and well-being by improving access to healthcare and social services. We have three main services aiming at community resilience building: 1. Outreach and awareness of healthcare and social issues. 2. Youth empowerment and culture events to bridge culture gaps. 3. Emergency assistance, disaster relief and preparedness education.

Friend of Hue Foundation is a 501c-3 nonprofit foundation with tax exempt ID: 77-0543081.