To elevate human potential by providing educational and social outreach programs to underserved and marginalized ethnic communities, in an effort to empower people to improve their lives, societies, and cultures.

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On behalf of the children and staff of the Friends of Hue Foundation (FHF), we want to express our deepest gratitude for your generous support. Your contributions help provide for the basic needs and well-being of over 30 children in our care.

Because of your kindness and compassion, these children have a safe place to call home, nutritious meals to eat, and access to education. You give them the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop into the amazing individuals we know they can become. Your gifts of money, resources, and time help make all of this possible.

Your sponsorship ensures children have new clothes, shoes, and school supplies so they can fully participate in class. You provide funds for health check-ups, medicine, and emergency medical care when needed. You make it possible for us to pay our dedicated staff who care for and teach these children every day.

Most importantly, your support shows these children they are loved and valued. You give them hope for a better future. Words cannot express how meaningful this is for their development and healing.

On behalf of the children and entire staff at the Friends of Hue Shelter, thank you for making a life-changing difference in the lives of so many through your generosity and kindness. We could not continue our important work without partners like you.

We want to give a big Thank You to our amazing long-time sponsors and partners:

For over a decade, E2F Translation has partnered with close to a dozen of our staff members to hire and train them as Virtual Assistants, Bookkeepers and Project Managers. The team members have gained extremely valuable professional skills. E2F Translation has generously donated over $25,000 annually to the Children’s Shelter.

   Based out of Chicago, 11:11 Partners has partnered with FHF over 5 years to hire and train virtual assistants specializing in recruiting personnel and donated over $4000 annually.

Making an annual trip to Vietnam, Thuy Truong and Craig Frances from Metta-4-Life have contributed their time and resources to our Senior program in Hue and nearby villages.  The senior program helps the elders in the area with food and necessities.

We warmheartedly thank our Staff at the Center and many of our long-term donors and supporters:

Alynn Nguyen, Anton NguyenAmerasian Heritage QuestAthena Nguyen
Bich-Lien NguyenBinh PhamChris Dinh
Cindy PhanCindy VuCuong Tran
Dan DoDanny RecyclingDieu-Ha Nguyen
Doan PhungDo LeEvelyn Woods
Giang Nguyen-UtgaardGrace LyonsHai Ho
Hannah BuiHien LeHon Lien
Hong and Tammy NguyenJonathan and Judy ChiaJulian Ong
Julie DongJulius BertholdKathleen Ridolfi and Linda Starr
Lawrence DongLaura PhanLinh Vu
Loc Thi Xuan Le Tailoring and CleaningLynn ChungMilpitas Community Educational Endowment
Minh Cuong LeMy-Tien NguyenMyLinh Ha-Do and Trinh Do
Nam LeNgoc NguyenNhut Bui
Nutrition & Beauty LLCOwen DonahuePulte Group
Richard JankoskiSandy DinhScott Hayes
Thomas HarveyThu LamThu Huong Nguyen
Thuy and Michael CreceliusThuy TruongTina Tien
Tina VuTom O'ReillyTrung Lam
UyenThy NguyenVanLan TruongMany other friends