2020 – 2021 are extremely difficult years for Central Vietnam. After the COVID-19 epidemic was a series of raging floods, making the lives of lonely elderly people even more difficult. To spread the spirit of love, FHF continues to develop the “Mệ” program. This is a meaningful bridge between the elderly and the children at FHF, thereby educating them in a sense of responsibility to society and the community.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and the flood season, staff and children at FHF promptly provided food and other necessities to help the mothers overcome the difficult period. FHF also sends monthly or quarterly living allowances to 60 elderly mothers, helping them to have a better life.

Every month, the children at FHF and the staff visit the elderly’s houses to propose appropriate forms of support. For the elderly who cannot take care of themselves, FHF has hired caregivers, and the children in the FHF house bring them meals every day, wash clothes, clean the house, etc. To help the elderly in their daily activities, FHF provided medical equipment, with a total of 21 potty chairs, 10 walkers and 10 sticks. In 2020 we launched the “Building toilets for elderly people” program, where we help build toilets for 10 elders who cannot afford to. They were all extremely grateful for something they consider a luxury.