Is a clearinghouse of Housing Resources available for families and individuals who are facing housing instability, homelessness, and other urgent need for basic needs. These pieces of information are made available to create clear instructions and workflows on navigating, accessing, and obtaining housing services and landlord and tenant issues.

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Short-term Housing Resources

The short-term housing resources is a compilation of available short-term affordable housings, financial services, and other housing support that guides those who are in need of transitional housing, shelters, navigating the complex housing services available, financial assistance, food, medicine, and other essential needs towards the right direction.

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Long-term Housing Assistance

Long-term housing assistance provides support for families, individuals, senior citizens, and mothers and children who aim to gain stability in their housing and finances. This section intends to give easy access and wider reach to those in need of assistance.

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Unlawful Detainer

This section explains the Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants through the Unlawful Detainer (eviction) process and mediation.

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