With heavy hearts, the Friends of Huế Foundation regrets to announce the passing of one of our belovèd founders, Ms. Lieu Dang.

Until her passing in January 2021, Ms. Lieu Dang dedicated her life to serving the refugees for years via her work at the International Rescue Committee and the Friends of Huế Foundation. At the Children’s Shelter, Ms. Lieu was loved by the children, who saw her as the grandmother of Friends of Huế. We mourn her loss immensely and will continue honoring her life by living out the hopes that she had for the nourishment of the children and the people who serve them—all of us who have made Friends of Huế home.

We owe her a world of gratitude for the greatness of her heart which has been expressed through the accomplishments that she had attained in helping to establish Friends of Huế Foundation, where children have found safety, solace, and sanctity.

Please rest in peace, Co Lieu Dang. In your honor, we will continue doing the work that you have so diligently begun for us, and remember you as we watch it all flourish.