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Or mail check to  Friends of Hue P.O. Box 1823, San Jose, CA 95109

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How it works

Sponsoring a child is a unique program that connects one child in need with a generous, compassionate person or family. Becoming a sponsor means giving children at our Children Center the chance to grow up healthy, educated, and safe. You will have the opportunity to directly and positively impact the life of a child and to witness that child’s development during his/her journey to maturity and success.

How much is a sponsorship?

Sponsoring a child with Friends of Hue Foundation is a one-year commitment of $250 per month or $3,000 annually. One-time donations are also welcome. Every dollar goes a long way in making a difference in these children’s lives.

All donations are tax deductible.

By sponsoring, you are investing in these children’s lives and futures. You will also help restore faith in humanity for children who once have lost any hope for a decent future.

Why sponsor a child with Friends of Hue Foundation?

FHF’s mission is distinct in that it aims to help the children reach or surpass their potentials so that they may lead meaningful lives. We carefully study the children’s backgrounds when bringing them into the family. We don’t just take in abused, neglected, or at risk children, but we also commit ourselves to nurture them into responsible individuals and community leaders of tomorrow.

Sponsoring an FHF child is therefore a complete investment in that child’s life.  It gives the child a promising future and the child’s sponsor a sense of fulfillment of one who has made a difference in another human being’s life.


Sponsor Benefits
  • A welcome kit, a photo, and information about the child you sponsor.
  • The opportunity to exchange letters, emails, or cards back and forth to get to know more about the child you sponsor.
  • Receive semi-annual updates and communications highlighting sponsorship’s impact on the child you sponsor and other children in the Shelter. 
  • Semi-annualZoom calls for you to meet and get to know the child you sponsor.
  • Opportunity to visit the Children’s Shelter in Hue upon request and personal expense.
  • The joy of gifting a child a brighter future. 

Child Sponsored Benefits
  • The opportunity to communicate and exchange letters, cards, or/ and gifts from others.  Many of the children in our programs have never received a single gift before they came to our Children Center.
  • A safe place with friendly faces to live, learn and play. 
  • Your continued support and investment in their well-being, education, and family’s future. 
  • The opportunity to contribute to the overall welfare of the Children Center.

Getting Onboard
  1. By filling out this form, take the first step in sponsoring a child from FHF’s Children Center in Hue, Vietnam.
  2. A committee will carefully select a child for your sponsorship.
  3. After approximately 2 weeks of signing up to become a sponsor, you will receive a welcome kit in your email. 
  4. The welcome kit will include an introduction to the child you will sponsor, a photo, and more information to get to know the child better and how your help will impact the child’s life.
  5. You will be able to schedule your first Zoom call with the child you sponsor.
  6. You will receive a regular newsletter and email communications regarding the child you sponsor and other general information/updates on FHF.

Please visit our website https://friendsofhue.org/ for more information about Friends of Hue and other programs that we are committed to. You may email us at [email protected] or call us at +1 408 823 1538 for more information..